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Artefit Compression Forearm Sleeves Indigo


Size and fit
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Artefit Forearm Sleeves are designed to boost your energy, provide perfect muscle support and optimal comfort. Versatile sleeves for any sports and activities with dynamic movement.

Powered by ISKO™RHEACT™ patented technology. A powerful cutting-edge woven compression technology that performs for up to 10 hours, helps to stabilize muscles, improve blood circulation and speed up recovery.

Benefits of compression

  • Boosts energy levels – Graduated compression keeps arm muscles and veins properly compressed to improve blood circulation to lower arms
  • Speeds up recovery – Supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles which helps to reduce swelling for faster recovery
  • Faster muscle warm up pre-exercise
  • Reduces fatigue and risk of injury
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Improves performance and endurance


  • Graduated compression
  • Superior durability
  • Comfortable fit
  • Moisture wicking yarns to keep you dry during exercise
  • UV protection

Fabric Composition

  • Artefit compression forearm sleeve Indigo – 50% Cotton / 38% Polyester/12% Elastane


Suffering from cramping or aching muscles during gaming? Artefit arm sleeves are the solution! Because the blood circulation is stimulated for 10 hours there will be no cramps, pain in the muscles or injuries. Perfect for E-sportsmen and gamers who like to play for long periods of time.


Whether you are playing basketball, tennis, golf, or other sports that demand a lot from your forearm muscles our arm sleeves ensure a quick recovery of the muscles and prevent injuries such as the “golfer's arm”. The sleeves are available in different sizes and colors.

Quantity in the package: 2 Sleeves

Size & Fit:

Size and fit

Size & Fit: Face Masks

This ISKO Vital™+ face mask is made in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Small is usually a good fit for kids, while Large is the standard adult size.

Note that the sizes of face masks are not always the same as your size of clothes.

Please see the size chart below for information how to determine which size would fit you best.

Dimensions of the face mask
Small: 7cm height x 12cm width | kids size up to 5yrs
Medium: 7cm height x 14.5cm width | kids size up to 14yrs
Large: 7cm height x 17.5cm width | adults
Extra large: 7cm height x 18,5cm width | adults XL


Women's Tops

Women's Bottoms

Men's Tops

Men's Bottoms

Washing Instructions

- Hand wash: 

  1. Wash with tap water and laundry detergent or soap.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove detergent or soap.

- Machine wash (40° - max 60°):

  1. Wash cold.
  2. Wash with similar colors.
  3. Do not bleach
  4. Do not tumble dry
  5. Do not Iron
  6. Do not dry clean
  7. Wash inside out
  8. Do not use fabric softener when washing the product.



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Artefit Compression Forearm Sleeves Indigo

Artefit Compression Forearm Sleeves Indigo

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