The perfect face mask for your color palette!

Wearing a face mask will continue to help control the spread of coronavirus, so why not do it in a fashionable way? Isko Vital + has Supreme and Premium face masks in a huge spectrum of colours. That’s right, we’ve got all the options to help you look great and boost your natural light and style. These are not only fashion face masks, they are also washable, reusable, and of course, sustainable!

So, how do you go about choosing what colours are best for you? Have you ever seen a colorful piece of clothing or accessory that looked absolutely stunning in an ad, but when you tried it on you were overwhelmed with disappointment? Have you ever wondered why a t-shirt in your favorite color does not always flatter you? You may have thought of hundreds of reasons why, and yet, there is a simple explanation: the color palette! We all have different skin, hair and eye colors and tonalities and the colors that we choose to wear can either complement our own nuances and bring forward our natural light or make us look dull. To work out our personal color palette we look to our most evident characteristics – hair, eyes and skin tone – basically, our beautiful faces.

If you are curious to find out more about this magical rainbow world of face masks just keep reading because we are about to unleash the secret of the palettes.

If you are the sort of  person that has a “neutral” wardrobe, be aware that the colors we wear reveal a lot about our personality or current state of mind. They can also bring up the light and fun or the intensity and mystery of our feelings and attitude. Everyone has a personal color palette depending on their beautiful and unique skin tone. Colors are a very vast subject, but to put it simply, researchers have defined sets of colors based on the four seasons. From these, they have sectioned the 12 palettes (which Isko Vital+ offers in unique and beautiful face masks): Clear Winter (Electric Blue), Deep Winter (Bronze), Cool Winter (Dark Pink), Soft Summer (Light Pink), Light Summer (Sporty Blue), Cool Summer (Lilac), Warm Spring (Pastel Green), Clear Spring (Peach), Light Spring (Pink), Warm Autumn (Caramel), Deep Autumn (Bandana Cinnamon), Soft Autumn (Ocean Green). Finding out the right tones for you will help you not only complement your own beauty and unique characteristics, but take you out of that color routine.



The fastest and easiest way of finding out your color palette is to grab some colored items from your wardrobe and do the test yourself. Sit in front of a mirror with a washed face (that means zero make up!) and good light – natural sunlight is always better. Drape the clothing  over your shoulders like a scarf and observe how your face light changes in front of you. One by one, like layers, watch how your own color changes as you move to a different color. Some of them will naturally brighten you up like you have a light filter on your face, some of them will highlight the shadow points. And voilá, you have found your color palette. Now check the Isko Vital+ face masks page and fill your basket with all the different designs and colors that will make you look even more gorgeous and fit flawlessly with your daily outfit.

This is no magic or trick, it’s just the power of the colors acting on your own face. This happens because each color carries three important elements with it: warmth/coldness, light/depth, clearness/softness. The relationship of the colors when put in contrast with your skin in a face mask, for example, will determine either if you need high or low contrast, a touch of warm or a cold tone, soft or deep shades. It’s like editing a picture, but doing it in real life with nothing but different colors.

ISKO Vital+ together with designers from all over the world have created a selection of colors and designs that can help brighten your days. From the basic black face mask to the electric blue or the exclusive leopard designs, there is a range to choose from.

And now that you know the secret of the colors, don’t wait up, use it to shop the best color and design from our face masks catalogue that will make you shine!