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It’s PINK OCTOBER - join the cause!

The Pink October campaign started in the earlier 90’s in America and since then it has gone viral worldwide to raise public awareness towards breast cancer. Every October, people all over the world join forces dressed up in pink, and together they take part in outdoor marches, fairs, events and even congresses to support the breast cancer prevention campaign. They share experiences...

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We have the best face masks for your summer holidays!

If you are super excited for the summer and ready to pack for your holidays, don’t forget the most important item: your face mask. While we see many countries running massive vaccination rollouts and relaxing lockdown restrictions, keep in mind that we are still threatened by the virus...

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The perfect face mask for your color palette!

Wearing a face mask will continue to help control the spread of coronavirus, so why not do it in a fashionable way? Isko Vital + has Supreme and Premium face masks in a huge spectrum of colours. That’s right, we’ve got all the options to help you look...

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