It’s PINK OCTOBER - join the cause!

The Pink October campaign started in the earlier 90’s in America and since then it has gone viral worldwide to raise public awareness towards breast cancer. Every October, people all over the world join forces dressed up in pink, and together they take part in outdoor marches, fairs, events and even congresses to support the breast cancer prevention campaign. They share experiences between themselves and support those who have been or are being treated for breast cancer. 

This initiative aims to bring knowledge about the importance of prevention to the public. During this month, the color pink is brought to evidence, some important buildings in big cities are lit up in pink, and many people choose the color as a dress code to drag attention to the Pink October cause. We at ISKO Vital+ will also take part in this fight and help on the research and diagnosis of breast cancer. 


How can you collaborate? 


During the month of October we will give you a 30% discount on all our PINK Face Masks so you can dress in Pink and support the initiative. Part of the income will go to the Breast Care Foundation for breast cancer research and support.

To participate you just need to buy one of our Pink Face Masks during the month of October. The entire PINK collection you can find here. By the end of the month we will add the total amount donated to the Breast Care Foundation in our Giveaway page. 

These actions all have a common goal to bring awareness about the importance of breast cancer prevention measures like the mammography screening, as well as to boost public access to the exams by raising funds for financial supports and donations to the cause.  


Don’t stay out, dress pink and help it out!