Pink facemasks

By choosing a washable, reusable Pink face mask like those from ISKO Vital+™, you are not only protecting yourself and others, but you are also doing your bit to help reduce waste. Our Pink face coverings are made with soft, comfortable organic cotton. They meet international safety and environmental certification standards and remain effective at helping stop the spread for up to 30 washes for our Supreme Pink face masks and 15 for our Premium Pink face cover, which means instead of disposing of up to 30 masks each month, you’re only using one or two. 

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Unique one layer filter fabric 

And is this one-layer mask as safe as the medical face masks with 3 layers? Well, the ISKO Vital+™ Pink face masks were designed in a special way by our fabric experts. We knew from our work with medical compression fabrics that by weaving organic cotton rather than knitting it, we could create a higher density material designed to stop infection particles, but allow for breathing comfortably. Using this denser weaving process meant our Pink face coverings could still have the comfort of organic cotton, but without the need for 3 layers to filter out bacteria. And by adding fluid repellent to the material, we could keep fluid and water droplets from getting in – just run the outside of your ISKO Vital+™ Pink face covering under a tap and you’ll see what we mean; the water slides right off! 

In short, the answer to the question is yes – the safety features that once required three layers of fabric can indeed be achieved in a single layer, creating a reusable, washable community Pink face mask in line with medical and safety standards. And our Supreme Pink face cover have the extra protection of Sanitized® incorporated into the yarn at the start of the process to provide additional antimicrobial protection. 

Choose to re-use! 

Wearing a face mask will continue to help control the spread of coronavirus, so why not do it in a fashionable way? Isko Vital+™ Supreme and Premium Pink face masks is one of our best-sellers and like a good Pink piece of fabric, it will make you look great and boost your natural light and style. These are not only fashion Pink face masks, they are also washable, reusable, and of course, sustainable! 


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