ARTEFIT was created after deep research, considering our new style of life pos pandemic, as the challenges led us to understand the importance of our well being and of keeping ourselves healthy and physically active. We have designed a range of stylish garments and accessories from sportswear, focused on the performance, till joggers that bring great comfort on the recovery process.


12h compression


Pirin women's pant

Flexible and cozy


Men's tights

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Our story

That’s how Artefit was born, we have designed and created fashion garments that will make you feel fresh and energizing while improving your workout performance, but also cozy and comfortable while your body recovers. It’s a functional lifestyle. The ARTEFIT brand is a collection of contemporary products made up of fashion basics and incredible functional essentials. The ARTEFIT product range delivers great style, great fit and great comfort, as well as products that have unique and patented performance benefits.

RHEACT™ technology

Our ARTEFIT compression garments are powered by ISKO RHEACT™ patented technology. A powerful cutting-edge woven compression technology that performs for up to 10 hours, helps to stabilize muscles, improve blood circulation and speed up recovery.
Whether you are sporting or just relaxing, our ISKO RHEACT™ patented compression technology will be working on your body to boost your performance, providing a better muscle oxygenation, which will decrease soreness and fatigue.

Benefits of compression

Whether you want to work out, or stretch out, ARTEFIT has something for you.
Here you can find some of the benefits of the RHEACT™ technology:
• Boosts energy levels – Graduated compression keeps arm muscles and veins properly compressed to improve blood circulation to lower arms
• Speeds up recovery after strenuous exercise – Supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles which helps to reduce swelling for faster recovery
• Faster muscle warm up pre-exercise
• Reduces fatigue and risk of injury
• Decrease muscle soreness
• Improves performance and endurance
• Strain prevention
• Less feet-swelling after prolonged time of sitting (ECS)
• Micro-massages onto the skin of extremity to increase blood circulation; Which can also reduce cellulite
• Prevention of economy class syndrome MV