A Halloween ‘Mask’erade

There’s a chill in the air, pumpkins on offer in the shops and a few ghosts and ghoulies are starting to appear in windows – not long now until Halloween! Whether or not fancy dress, trick-or-treating, Zombie hunting or pumpkin carving parties are part of your annual celebrations – social distancing, limited gatherings and curfews will mean that All Hallows Eve will look very different this year.


Be that as it may, masks feature widely in Halloween costumes, so we couldn’t let this spooky holiday pass by without comment. For a bit of fun, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite masked characters to inspire you - even if you’re just donning a costume for your cat (and let’s be honest, your Instagram followers) this year: 



While most of you know the famous, swashbuckling Zorro for his commitment to battling for social justice and the righting of wrongs – would you recognise the unmasked Don Diego de la Vega if he passed you on the street? We think not.



And speaking of alter egos, superheroes are rarely seen without their masks. Whether they are the hidden source of their power or just to help to keep their mild mannered identities a secret we’ll never truly know, but we’d like to think our face coverings would add an extra dimension to their super-powers!


The Man in Black 

Anyone who’s seen The Princess Bride knows the Man in Black (aka the Dread Pirate Roberts) is really the hero Westley in disguise. When asked by Fezzik the giant, ‘Why do you wear a mask? Were you burned by acid or something?’, Westley simply replies, ‘It's just that masks are terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.’ How right he was!


Horror Film Villains 

And don’t forget the horror film villains: where would Scream be without Ghostface or Friday the 13th without Jason’s hockey mask? And unless you have a make-up artist as part of your household bubble you’re likely to need a mask to portray Frankenstein’s monster or Freddie Krueger.


We’re only scratching the surface and don’t worry, we do recognise the masks these heroes and villains wear will not protect COVID from spreading. We are not advocating them as alternatives to wearing approved face coverings – especially as most don’t cover your nose and mouth.


Please remember to wash your hands, observe all local government guidelines and – most importantly – stay safe this Halloween.