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It’s PINK OCTOBER - join the cause!

The Pink October campaign started in the earlier 90’s in America and since then it has gone viral worldwide to raise public awareness towards breast cancer. Every October, people all over the world join forces dressed up in pink, and together they take part in outdoor marches, fairs, events and even congresses to support the breast cancer prevention campaign. They share experiences...

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A word of caution – we’re all in this together

As countries like the UK and US are seeing success in battling COVID and vaccine rollouts are now open to over 40s, it is easy to see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. Shops are re-opening, people are meeting outside for a picnic or drink at...

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ISKO and Earth Day: Saving waste. Saving wildlife. Stopping the spread.

Citing a recent study from the University of Denmark, Science Daily reported that an estimated 129 billion face masks - most of which are disposable - are worn globally every month. This translates roughly to 3 million masks being worn per minute.  Even if only half of those...

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(M)Ask the Expert answers: What are German Certified Face Masks?

(M)Ask the expert explains our new masks for the German market and addresses the dangers of misinformation in today’s Q&A:   Q: I’ve noticed that you are selling specific masks for Germany on your site. Why is this and what does it mean for those of us outside...

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A guide to European standards

With safety and #StoppingTheSpread our number one priorities at ISKO Vital+, we are extremely proud to have successfully completed the rigorous testing process to become the first company to receive the new NEN Dutch certification for community face covers.  We are already getting questions from customers and the...

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We got you(r face) covered

‘The face cover for everyone’ is more than just a strapline for us. It is a responsibility we take very seriously. Whether you are an individual or family purchasing our re-usable face coverings from your nearest corner shop, online retailer or supermarket - or you run a retail...

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