ISKO Vital+ masks are open for business

With COVID cases on the rise again and new lockdown rules being debated in Germany and other countries, safety measures like wearing face masks, hand washing and social distancing to help #StopTheSpread of the virus are as important one year on as they were at the start of the pandemic.


While working from home has become more prevalent in the past year as part of the effort to control the virus, there are still those who are working in factories, labs, shops, at sporting events and, of course, hospitals and medical establishments who are travelling to and from their places of employment each day.


Businesses around the world trust ISKO Vital+ face masks to help keep their employees safe. Antimicrobial experts, SANITIZED®, as well as a number of leading German manufacturers are among those who rely on ISKO Vital+ masks, strict social distancing and handwashing to protect their workers and workplaces on the job and day to day.


Here are some of the reasons why:


Certified standards compliance: ISKO Vital+ masks are developed with safety in mind. All of our face masks have undergone rigorous, independent testing and are certified to provide at least 95% filtration efficiency. They comply with international standards for medical masks and community face coverings, including:


  • EN 14683: 2019+AC Type I (medical standard)
  • AFNOR Catégorie 1
  • NEN-spec 1-2
  • UNE 0065-2020
  • CWA 17553:2020


Our German-certified masks have the EN14683 certification and CE kitemark weaved into the fabric of the piping. This in no way compromises the effectiveness of the mask - and those wearing these face covers can easily point to the printing to verify that they are compliant with EN 14683: 2019+AC Type I (medical standard).[i]


Reusability: As indicated by our standards compliance certifications, face masks do not need to be single use to be safe. ISKO Vital+ re-usable face coverings continue to be effective for 15 washes for Premium masks and 30 washes for Supreme masks. This means they can be worn to work for up to a month before they need to be replaced - at which stage, employees need to wash them one final time, cut off the ear loops and safely dispose of their used masks.


Our masks are a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for your business than disposable masks that need to be thrown out after only hours of wear!


Comfort: Made with organic cotton, ISKO Vital+ masks are not only kinder to the environment than disposable medical masks, but more comfortable for the wearer. Comfort may sound like a luxury during a global pandemic, but a mask that fits well and allows the wearer to breathe comfortably means they will actually wear it properly and keep it on throughout the day – much safer than one they are constantly touching, rearranging or removing. 


ISKO Vital+ face coverings combine safety, comfort and breathability – making them suitable to wear for a full day at the office or in the factory. Our medium and large sizes also ensure that every member of your team is wearing a mask that fits them properly, further helping to stop the spread.[ii]


Customisable: Our face coverings come in an array of colours and prints so your employees can choose a mask that suits their style or mood. Or better yet, cultivate team spirit by ordering custom face masks for your whole team with your company brand or logo.


Value for money: While you can’t put a price on safety, disposable medical masks are costly for the environment as well as your balance sheet. By nature of their longer wear and washability, ISKO Vital+ masks will help you to save money, averaging less than €0.17 per wear.


If you’d like to talk to us about why ISKO Vital+ face masks are right for your workforce, please get in touch: